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Skilled Antitrust, Health Care And Complex Commercial Litigation Representation For Clients In Colorado And Nationwide.

Representation For Complex Commercial Litigation

In addition to antitrust and healthcare litigation, Tom McMahon has extensive experience with other types of complex commercial litigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

As lead counsel, he successfully defended a small technology company against a would-be national class action on behalf of millions of Colorado drivers who sought to sue under the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act for penalties totaling literally in the billions of dollars. Tom obtained dismissal of the case in the federal trial court, and succeeded in having that result upheld by the federal appellate court. On the other side of the fence, he served as co-lead plaintiffs’ counsel in a nationwide federal securities fraud class action representing bondholders who had been defrauded of millions of dollars. After obtaining certification of the class, Tom orchestrated the recovery of $7.3 million on behalf of the injured victims.

He has also successfully sued under § 1983 of the federal Civil Rights Act to enforce a client’s Constitutional rights to due process and to travel freely between states, recovering $5 million. Tom has successfully defended an international conglomerate in a trademark infringement suit under the federal Lanham Act over allegedly counterfeit trade goods. Further, he has defended a major national corporation in a suit under the federal False Claims Act in a case that ultimately went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tom has also represented a large Colorado retailer in a suit challenging a joint newspaper operating agreement under the federal Newspaper Preservation Act. He has also twice represented small technology companies in federal court litigation relating to state computer database systems. Likewise, Tom has represented a small entrepreneur in federal court litigation under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. And, he has represented national voting system manufacturers in federal court litigation over a statewide switch to a single uniform voting system.

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Simply put, Tom McMahon is highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of complex legal disputes. Contact him today to see if he can help you with your matter. Call him in Denver at 303-732-6531.